Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two good WODs

I got to bike Umstead on Monday and it was the first ride in a while where my back didn't lock up, what a nice feeling!  I think the weekly chiro visits and daily aggressive stretching is helping. 

On Tuesday it was a deceptively hard WOD:
30 walking lunges
20 slam balls 20 lbs
5 handstand push-ups (modified)
AMRAP 20 min
I got 5 rounds and 17 lunges and got the DOMS by 5 pm!

Wednesday WOD 
10x45 lbs then 5 reps at 50, 55, 60 and 65 lbs
7 med ball cleans 14 lbs
14 deadlifts 75 lbs
21 air squats
7:52 time
My back is a little tight but no pain! Off to stretch now.
In working on eating better too, much easier when I make time to cook:
However I did also give myself permission to have a snack cake from Big Bundts and try a delicious scone, macaron and cannele from Lucettegrace!!! Yummy!


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