Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm back and regret has set in

I have not worked out or biked for 1 month!  This blog should have been called eatwalkeat because I didn't do much else during November. But I'm back now and ready to start the routine again.

I've been thinking hard about how to best track workouts, schedule them and stick to them.  Old motivations are gone and I'm looking for new ones.  So today was my first day back in the gym and all my muscles protested:
5 pull-ups (assisted)
10 push-ups (knees)
15 air squats
AMRAP 20 min
I did 11 rounds plus 5 push-ups. 

I'm going to be sore later.  I have my first night bike ride tonight and I am looking forward to it!  As for where I am: I gained 3 lbs this month, so not terrible but it's time to eat healthy 90% of the time!  So I'll be good logging again to lee myself honest.


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