Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deadlift day is my favorite

I've done two 1-hr yoga classes this week and it seems to help my back so I'll continue even though I am ready to get out of there at 45 minutes!

Last night was also nice because I got to night ride at Crabtree.  I got about 8 miles in and didn't crash or feel bad biking.

Today was deadlift day:
3 reps 65% 1 RM 115 lbs
3 reps 75% 1 RM 130 lbs
5 reps 85% 1 RM 150 lbs
Not bad, my lower back felt a little strained but didn't hurt. 
Then Mini WOD 
Row 200 M
20 Parallette push-ups
4 rounds
Hopefully, I'll get another ride in tonight and get back into the biking groove.


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