Monday, December 22, 2014

WODs and biking

I had a mostly good weekend:

Friday WOD:
20 min AMRAP
20 back squats 45lbs
20 double unders (60 singles)
20 push presses 45 lbs
I did 5 rounds with a minute to spare.  My back was not doing really great so I didn't push it. 

Then I did a night ride at Governor's creek, the bike behaved better and I was feeling better.  We did about 6-7 miles.

I did a bike skills clinic courtesy of the Bicycle Chain store. Pretty much focussing on what I have learned before: how to corner, using your brakes effectively and popping the front wheel up and the rear wheel.  Eventually I'll be able to bunny hop! 

Another hour of yoga and I liked the instruction from the girl on this class.  I'll be continuing this for at least 6 months to see if it helps my back.  Then a quick ride through Crabtree getting in about 7 miles total. 

I also ate a lot of Xmas get together food: dumplings, brownies, cookies, chocolate! The healthy eating keeps getting circumvented.

My back hurt a bit but I still did the WOD:
Every minute on the minute:
3 deadlifts
3 power cleans
3 jumping pull-ups
3 box jumps
I tried 75 lbs but after 5 rounds, I dropped to 55 lbs.  I think I only did about 15 minutes of work total.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deadlift day is my favorite

I've done two 1-hr yoga classes this week and it seems to help my back so I'll continue even though I am ready to get out of there at 45 minutes!

Last night was also nice because I got to night ride at Crabtree.  I got about 8 miles in and didn't crash or feel bad biking.

Today was deadlift day:
3 reps 65% 1 RM 115 lbs
3 reps 75% 1 RM 130 lbs
5 reps 85% 1 RM 150 lbs
Not bad, my lower back felt a little strained but didn't hurt. 
Then Mini WOD 
Row 200 M
20 Parallette push-ups
4 rounds
Hopefully, I'll get another ride in tonight and get back into the biking groove.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Working out slowly

Last week, Thursday was deadlift day:

60% 1 rep max 100 lbs, 5 reps
70% 120 lbs, 5 reps
80% 140 lbs, 8 reps maxed out
Then some ab torture:
Double unders

Friday all by myself and very modified for me:
Row 400M
10 power cleans 65 lbs
15 burpees
4 rounds

Saturday was a half-assed ride at San Lee, I just was not feeling like riding and frustrated that my bike was creaking badly. I think we ended up doing 6 miles and trying the rock features in FreeFall.

Sunday was rest!
And Monday I tried an hour of vinyasa yoga. Mostly okay but an hour is too long, I was done after 45 minutes.

Run 400 M
21 kettle bell swings 26 lbs
12 pull-ups with the green band

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday WOD

It was a tough WOD today:
Push jerks 55 lbs
Box jumps (step ups)
3-6-9-12-18 ... Each round add 3 reps!
15 min
I got to 21 push jerks and 3 step ups.
Rested 2 min
Row 1000M
Time 4:50

I felt spent but not wiped out plus my back didn't hurt!
And in honor of eating healthy, I had a delicious salad with chicken for lunch.  The only problem was that I ate 2 cups of chicken which I think is way over my allowance.  But it was good and I was satiated for 6 hours!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday WOD

I was all alone for my third WOD of the week:

24 toes to bars
12 clean and jerks 55 lbs
Time 17:30
Seemed like a simple WOD but it was hard!  Legs are not painfully sore anymore though and I'm ready to try lifting again.  I also got a bike to ride so hopefully some decent riding this week! And an effort to start yoga this week. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday WOD

I am very sore from the Tuesday workout, chest, arms, legs all hurt.  I took a break on Wednesday and went back for another workout on Thursday. It wasn't as bad the second time.  

We did deadlifts and I maxed at 175 lbs, what a difference from earlier this year when I could do 210-220 lbs!  

Then a mini-WOD:
12 min AMRAP
5 burpees 
10 wall balls 12 lbs
90 singles jump rope

Maybe the soreness will go away after a few more WODs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'm back and regret has set in

I have not worked out or biked for 1 month!  This blog should have been called eatwalkeat because I didn't do much else during November. But I'm back now and ready to start the routine again.

I've been thinking hard about how to best track workouts, schedule them and stick to them.  Old motivations are gone and I'm looking for new ones.  So today was my first day back in the gym and all my muscles protested:
5 pull-ups (assisted)
10 push-ups (knees)
15 air squats
AMRAP 20 min
I did 11 rounds plus 5 push-ups. 

I'm going to be sore later.  I have my first night bike ride tonight and I am looking forward to it!  As for where I am: I gained 3 lbs this month, so not terrible but it's time to eat healthy 90% of the time!  So I'll be good logging again to lee myself honest.