Monday, September 22, 2014

Three good days of riding

I have had constant back pain for over 2 years now, I figured it was just something   I would have to live with because I herniated a disc.  So I go see the chiropractor once in a while so it doesn't get too bad but this week when I tried a light Turkish getup and distinctly felt pain on my left side, I realized my spine was not aligned and that was what was causing the residual pain! So I told the chiropractor specifically what hurt, he did an adjustment and my back finally felt normal.  The best thing was that it allowed me to bike 3 days in a row!  With no back pain or soreness!  We did Briar Chapel on Friday night, San lee on Saturday , and then 13.5 miles of 286 on Sunday.  All on my singlespeed and all fun! I think we did 35 miles in total.  I hope I can continue this way and work on keeping my back aligned properly. And riding the singlespeed was a different feeling than my normal squish bike.

I felt so good, I went to the gym this morning:
1 min each exercise then rest 1 min and repeat for 2 more rounds:
Singles jump rope
Power snatches 44 lbs
Row for calories
Kettlebell swings 30 lbs
My score was 388, it didn't feel hard like the original Fight Gone Bad WOD but it was good for a Monday!


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