Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bike WODs run

I made some progress the past few days:
Sunday 8/4, I "ran" loblolly and the reedy creek trails at Umstead.  It was a slow, slow pace but I got 4 miles done!  And learned how to increase my stride length without expending more energy courtesy of my running partner.  It also helped to run with a dog, you feel like you have to keep going for him!

On Monday, I had a good WOD at Forged but did feel that my back still hurt, I tried overhead squats with a 45 lb bar and could feel pain on my right side, so I dropped to the 33 lb bar and felt good.  
Run 400M
15 overhead squats 33 lbs
3 rounds then
Double unders (I did singles x 3)
Abmat sit-ups
Time 19:58

On Tuesday, I skipped the WOD in favor of getting early to work, but I did bike Crabtree after work and practiced turning/cornering trying very hard to keep my hands off the brakes!  

Wednesday WOD:
Every minute on the minute 5 burpees
35 clean and jerks 65 lbs
It took me 15:56 to finish!  A full clean is hard but at this weight, I had no issues with my back and eked out 2-3 every minute.

Of course that left my legs sore later but it wasn't terrible and I was able to jog 3 miles on Wed night. Thursday night was a good Mtb ride at Rocky road. It was humid so I think I sweated profusely.  Eating has improved with homegrown cukes, tomatoes and bell peppers!  It's a lot easier to eat salad food when you have it picked from the ground instead of what's been sitting on the grocery shelves for 2 weeks.  Hopefully the trend will continue.  I almost made a new version of spicy chicken that I think I won't get bored of.  Keep on training!


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