Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Friday 8/15/14

Last Friday I had a good WOD:
3 deadlifts 115 lbs
80M sprint
Burpees the rest of the minute
Rest 1 minute
10 rounds
Total # burpees :55

On Saturday I did a run/walk in Umstead with my favorite standard poodle, as soon as he's old enough, I'm guaranteed to increase my speed!  The dog just has so much energy that it forced me to pick up the pace! I recommend running with an energetic dog to get you moving!

Sunday was 6 hrs of Shiner's Revenge: a mountain bike race in Woolwine, VA.  I did it as a duo which was a good thing since I was in no shape to solo this race. I had fun, we came in last out of 4 in our category, and that's ok since neither of us had been on these trails before. I definitely was the weaker link though! I'll be back next year to redeem myself.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Too much rain and work

Since last Thursday, I haven't been able to do as much as I wanted.  Thursday night was a pretty good time biking Rocky Road, Friday I mowed the front and back yard, and I was glad I did it but regretted not being able to bike since it poured on Saturday.  And so I was lazy Saturday.  On Sunday I did a 3 mile run on the greenway and was happy with my 11:40 mile pace!  At least I was able to "run" the entire 3 miles. 

Monday was back to a WOD:
For 5 minutes:
4 Turkish getups every minute on the minute
I used a 26 lb kettlebell and struggled to get 3 good TGUs in one minute so I dropped down to a 20 lb bell.
The AMRAP for 15 min:
10 push press 45 lbs
10 front rack lunges 45 lbs
10 V-ups
I did 8 rounds plus 10 front rack lunges

And my butt started feeling it around 5 pm Monday, indicating that I have not been working my butt hard enough!  I'm still sore but made it to the WOD on Tuesday:
Power snatches 5-5-5, 33-45-55 lbs
Back squats 3-3-3-3 55-65-85-85 lbs
Then a deceptively difficult WOD:
Dips (with a band)
Parallete bar hops with burpee
Mountain climbers

I made some progress the past few days:
Sunday 8/4, I "ran" loblolly and the reedy creek trails at Umstead.  It was a slow, slow pace but I got 4 miles done!  And learned how to increase my stride length without expending more energy courtesy of my running partner.  It also helped to run with a dog, you feel like you have to keep going for him!

On Monday, I had a good WOD at Forged but did feel that my back still hurt, I tried overhead squats with a 45 lb bar and could feel pain on my right side, so I dropped to the 33 lb bar and felt good.  
Run 400M
15 overhead squats 33 lbs
3 rounds then
Double unders (I did singles x 3)
Abmat sit-ups
Time 19:58

On Tuesday, I skipped the WOD in favor of getting early to work, but I did bike Crabtree after work and practiced turning/cornering trying very hard to keep my hands off the brakes!  

Wednesday WOD:
Every minute on the minute 5 burpees
35 clean and jerks 65 lbs
It took me 15:56 to finish!  A full clean is hard but at this weight, I had no issues with my back and eked out 2-3 every minute.

Of course that left my legs sore later but it wasn't terrible and I was able to jog 3 miles on Wed night. Thursday night was a good Mtb ride at Rocky road. It was humid so I think I sweated profusely.  Eating has improved with homegrown cukes, tomatoes and bell peppers!  It's a lot easier to eat salad food when you have it picked from the ground instead of what's been sitting on the grocery shelves for 2 weeks.  Hopefully the trend will continue.  I almost made a new version of spicy chicken that I think I won't get bored of.  Keep on training!