Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cardio WOD

I had a good ride at Crabtree on Tuesday and then I did some not so fun hill repeats.  I'm hoping one day hill repeats will be enjoyable.

And then came a gasping for breath WOD on Wednesday morning:
AMRAP 5 min
10 thrusters 55 lbs
10 pull-ups (skinny green band)
I did 3 rounds
Rest 2 min
AMRAP 5 min
20 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
20 step ups 20" box
2 rounds plus 4 step-ups
Rest 2 min
AMRAP 5 min
Row 1000M
Max slam balls 20 lbs
I finished rowing and did 8 slam balls 
Out of breath by the end!



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