Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Deadlifts and more wall balls

Wednesday WOD was fine until it hit me at 5 pm with a tired feeling in my legs:

Run 400M
15 deadlifts 115 lbs
20 wall balls 14 lbs
4 rounds
Time 19:35
I tried some negative pull-ups after work also and couldn't do more than 9.  I guess I'll have to keep doing more each day until I can complete several sets!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Backlog of WODs

Two weeks ago work:

Back squats 5-5-5-3-3-3
I only got up to 105 lbs and it hurt! Lower back is not doing well. It should hurt at 105 lbs so I think it's misaligned again. Back to the chiropractor.

Afterward we did a mini WOD and that didn't hurt at all:
Row 500M
25 push-ups -girl push-ups :( 
25 slam balls 20 lbs
3 rounds
Time 14:40

Run 400M
30 box jumps (step ups)
30 wall balls 12 lbs
5 rounds
Time 32:01
That was it for the week!  I went to a downhill skills camp at Snowshoe over the weekend and practiced cornering and baby jumps :).  My legs burned going downhill for so long.  Definitely a different experience than XC mountain biking!

And this past week had very little mountain biking due to the monsoon like rains.  I did get to Forged 3 times:
Power cleans 3-3-3-3 up to 95 lbs
Cleans 5-5-5-5 only up to 75 lbs, lower back was still tweaking
Mini WOD :
Run 400M
15 ring rows
30 air squats
3 rounds

21 deadlifts 95 lbs
15 pull-ups
7 goblet squats 35 lbs
3 rounds
Really hard and glad I did goblet squats instead of front squats, the back was able to handle this. 

Friday 7/23:
20 handstand push-ups (HSPU)
100 air squats
Farmers walk 200M 2x35 lb kettlebell 
100 air squats
Time 12:26
This time for the HSPU, Jason set a band on the pull-up bar and had me wear another band like a backpack harness, flip over, wrap my legs around the top band and do the HSPU! It was still hard and definitely showed me that I need to get more stable being upside down. That was the end of my week, making plans now to get back in the groove and more focused on results!

This morning was tougher than I expected, I suppose appropriate retribution for having ice cream, paratha, brownies, and naan this weekend:

Press 5-5-5-3-3-3
Last two sets I did 70 lbs!
Then a not so mini WOD:
Row 50 calories (880 M!)
40 Weighted Abmat sit-ups 10 lbs
30 wallballs 12 lbs
3 rounds
But I feel energetic now so it was a good WOD.

And after work, mountain biking at Crabtree with the ladies.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time to workout

Working out has felt sporadic lately although I am getting 2-3 WODs in and a bike ride every week, I know I could have done more! So I'll write more regularly and get motivated to work out with a focus on results. The results I want by end of December:

1. Do an unassisted pull-up
2. Get my back squat back to 140 lbs (minimum) 
3. Deadlift 250 lbs
4. Jumprope double unders (at least 10 unbroken)
5. Corner better on the bike
6. Get over logs with more grace
7. Finish Rocky road in under 1 hr, this year has kinda sucked as far as riding, never got in the groove nor did I do my strength workouts or speed work to get better.
8.Complete a road marathon in under 5 hrs (if my back holds out)
9. Do planks 5 days a week, minimum 3 min hold
Okay, now I have announced my goals. I think I will be able to follow through and get them done! 
The other part will be to write down what I do to reach these goals. 

So back to WODs:
Last week, Friday was a tough one:
AMRAP 20 minutes
5 thrusters
7 hang power cleans
10 presses
All with a 45lb bar
I did 8 rounds and it was the presses that got me.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cindy WOD

I did Cindy yesterday all by myself and it was hard, arms are nice and sore now.  Happily and surprisingly, legs are not that sore despite the million or so squats.

5 pull-ups (purple band assist)
10 push-up, on my knees :(
15 squats
13 rounds plus 5 push-ups 
I was too tired to do anything else despite feeling the need to ride my bike!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Biking and WOD

I had a great long weekend of mountain biking.  First at Lake Norman state park where the trails are all soft pine and smooth as butter.  Despite not having any tech features, this was just what I needed since I hurt my arm a week ago.  Not having a bumpy ride and getting 21 miles in was a great way to start the weekend.  On Saturday, I "rested" and mowed the lawn and weeded. On Sunday, we had a great ride at San Lee.  I was still pretty cautious but I had a good time. The only unfortunate part was that one person in the last 1/4 mile of trail, fell off her bike and broke her collarbone.  That sucked.  

I took a break on Monday and did a good WOD this morning:
Deadlifts 6 sets of 6 reps @165 lbs
Tough but doable
10 rounds on the prowler for 100M with 30 lbs of weight
And 30 GHD sit-ups and 30 Abmat sit-ups 

Feeling pumped up for my Tuesday night bike ride! I am hoping to get some hill intervals in beforehand.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

WOD and ride

We finished the week with a hard WOD:

12 deadlifts 95 lbs
9 Hang power cleans 65 lbs
6 push jerks 65 lbs
Time 24:19
Every time I do hang cleans, I realize I need to be doing more hang cleans!  So much harder than a power clean and forces me to use my hips more efficiently.

After work I did a bike power workout at Umstead but didn't feel like I worked hard enough.  That was it for today, hoping tomorrow brings some good biking times!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cardio WOD

I had a good ride at Crabtree on Tuesday and then I did some not so fun hill repeats.  I'm hoping one day hill repeats will be enjoyable.

And then came a gasping for breath WOD on Wednesday morning:
AMRAP 5 min
10 thrusters 55 lbs
10 pull-ups (skinny green band)
I did 3 rounds
Rest 2 min
AMRAP 5 min
20 kettlebell swings 30 lbs
20 step ups 20" box
2 rounds plus 4 step-ups
Rest 2 min
AMRAP 5 min
Row 1000M
Max slam balls 20 lbs
I finished rowing and did 8 slam balls 
Out of breath by the end!