Friday, June 27, 2014

Slow week

I did not go to the gym Monday through Wednesday, and only slightly regretted it.  I guess I needed a little break. 

I got my biking in this week with 9 miles at Crabtree on Tuesday and then 8 miles of  intervals at Umstead and a humid, sweaty 6.5 miles of Rocky Road. My bike is in desperate need of a cleaning though and the chain kept ghost shifting which is annoying when you are trying to make it up a hill.

I did go to Forged on Thursday and Friday and did 2 solid workouts:
Front squats-75, 85, 95 lbs, 3 reps each
Then a "mini WOD" that was anything but mini!
250M row
25 toes to bar
20 step ups holding 2x20 lb dumbbells
3 rounds
The row wasn't bad but 25 toes to bar was quickly broken down to eking 3 reps at a time.  Having to hold the 20lb dumbbells after hanging from the bar  was quite a challenge.
Abs sore from the toes to bar.  Legs starting to feel sore from the front squats, and we get more squats here:
Run 400M
18 clusters (full clean into a press), 55 lbs
Run 400m
15 clusters
Run 400m
12 clusters
Run 400m
9 clusters
Tough WOD and now I'm not sure if I'll have any legs for biking this weekend!  I have to buy a rumble roller, I can't punish my legs this much without some pre-hab work.

And lastly, I went to my self defense class and had a good time.  I wish I practiced more though, not sure if I could do any of it a real situation or if I would freeze in place.


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