Sunday, June 15, 2014

Friday WOD and Sunday run

I skipped out of the WODs Tuesday  through Thursday because of work and a bit of laziness.  The weather was bad also, torrential rain and trees going down.  So it wasn't till Friday that I did another WOD:

Row 500M
20 parallete push-ups (put your feet on a 12" box and hold on to the parallete bars and do an even more difficult push-up!)
5 rounds
Time 21:14
It was hard, my shoulders were massively sore the next day and still a little sore on Sunday.

And Friday night I went for my self-defense class in the Raleigh gym.  It was good to practice techniques for falling and getting up, how to get out of a wrist grab and how to break someone's arm if they try to choke you. The last one requires practice though and being able to remember which side I'm supposed to go! I took notes to help me remember, now I need to get a partner to practice with.  
Saturday I was a blob.
Sunday, I got out and ran 2.5 miles! It's been awhile since I lived up to this blog's full name but I'm hoping this is the priming I need to get going again.  Ready to start training for my second and last marathon!


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