Monday, June 30, 2014

Trail work, biking and a good WOD

On Saturday, I did trail maintenance at Beaverdam, basically pruning and clearing the corridor so that when you biked, you would not have to dodge holly  bushes and tree branches.

I managed to only ride 5 miles out there and being too tired for anything else that day!
Sunday was a great ride at 286, perfect weather, a clear trail and good company.  Only part that sucked was hitting a log stack the wrong way and getting thrown off the bike.  I have a nice set of bruises and scrapes on my elbow and thigh now.  

The injuries didn't prevent me from the WOD this morning:
As many rounds as you can in 3 min:
3 power cleans 75lbs
6 push-ups
9 squats
Rest 1 min
5 rounds
I did 4 rounds each time and on the last 2 rounds, got in a 5th round of power cleans and push-ups.  That was 66 power cleans, 144 push-ups, 180 squats. Not bad for 15 min of work.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Slow week

I did not go to the gym Monday through Wednesday, and only slightly regretted it.  I guess I needed a little break. 

I got my biking in this week with 9 miles at Crabtree on Tuesday and then 8 miles of  intervals at Umstead and a humid, sweaty 6.5 miles of Rocky Road. My bike is in desperate need of a cleaning though and the chain kept ghost shifting which is annoying when you are trying to make it up a hill.

I did go to Forged on Thursday and Friday and did 2 solid workouts:
Front squats-75, 85, 95 lbs, 3 reps each
Then a "mini WOD" that was anything but mini!
250M row
25 toes to bar
20 step ups holding 2x20 lb dumbbells
3 rounds
The row wasn't bad but 25 toes to bar was quickly broken down to eking 3 reps at a time.  Having to hold the 20lb dumbbells after hanging from the bar  was quite a challenge.
Abs sore from the toes to bar.  Legs starting to feel sore from the front squats, and we get more squats here:
Run 400M
18 clusters (full clean into a press), 55 lbs
Run 400m
15 clusters
Run 400m
12 clusters
Run 400m
9 clusters
Tough WOD and now I'm not sure if I'll have any legs for biking this weekend!  I have to buy a rumble roller, I can't punish my legs this much without some pre-hab work.

And lastly, I went to my self defense class and had a good time.  I wish I practiced more though, not sure if I could do any of it a real situation or if I would freeze in place.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday WOD and 100 deadlifts

Yesterday's WOD was a little strength work and a 10 min WOD:
Overhead squats 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1
I got up to 65 lbs and left it at that since this is the hardest squat for me.  
1 min row
1 min sit-ups
5 rounds
I did a total of 1053 M and about 105 sit-ups.

After work, I did the beginner ride at Crabtree with 2 nice ladies.  One of them was just starting out mountain biking and the cool thing about it was that she was hiking in Crabtree one day and saw some bikers, she said it looked like they were having a lot of fun so she went to the Bicycle Chain and bought a bike! And her boyfriend also bought a bike but even the baby slopes at Crabtree scare him, but they don't scare her!  Hopefully they both will keep riding. 

Wednesday morning was a surprisingly good WOD:
10 wallballs 12 lbs
10 deadlifts 125 lbs
10 rounds
I'm sufficiently tired but my lower back doesn't hurt so I think I picked the right weight!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Friday WOD and Sunday run

I skipped out of the WODs Tuesday  through Thursday because of work and a bit of laziness.  The weather was bad also, torrential rain and trees going down.  So it wasn't till Friday that I did another WOD:

Row 500M
20 parallete push-ups (put your feet on a 12" box and hold on to the parallete bars and do an even more difficult push-up!)
5 rounds
Time 21:14
It was hard, my shoulders were massively sore the next day and still a little sore on Sunday.

And Friday night I went for my self-defense class in the Raleigh gym.  It was good to practice techniques for falling and getting up, how to get out of a wrist grab and how to break someone's arm if they try to choke you. The last one requires practice though and being able to remember which side I'm supposed to go! I took notes to help me remember, now I need to get a partner to practice with.  
Saturday I was a blob.
Sunday, I got out and ran 2.5 miles! It's been awhile since I lived up to this blog's full name but I'm hoping this is the priming I need to get going again.  Ready to start training for my second and last marathon!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Race directing my first Mtb race

I had the opportunity to direct my first mountain bike race this past weekend and I learned a couple things:
-Hand timing is stressful
-It's fun seeing people start a race and get excited about the route
-It was really great to see kids enter my race, I have an idea about how to incorporate this in all races we do now
-It takes a bunch of solid people to put on a good race
-Don't make a mistake in the Experts category times!

I'm excited to do this again despite all the work and some stress. It did interfere with my own biking time though and I only got to ride about 20 miles total last week. 

I did make it to the gym 2 times last week:

Run 200M
Toes to bar
Sumo high pulls 55 lb kettlebell
Tire flips (fun)
Time 20:13
When I came back on Friday, I had sore abs which means I did the toes to bar correctly!
5 hang squat snatch 45 lbs
10 power cleans 55 lbs
50 double unders (I did singles)
I did 6 rounds plus some singles, surprisingly hard with this weight. I should get back into lifting twice a week to maintain my strength.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Friday WOD all arms and shoulders

Last Friday was a tough WOD and my 2nd WOD for the week:

Handstand push-ups (HSPU)
Ring dips (with a band)
This was tough and I ended up almost with muscle failure. My arms were spaghetti. 
Time 14:33

Over the weekend I had two great bike rides, first at New Light and then at Briar Chapel. I got about 22 miles total.  And the best part was I made it up the big boulder! First time ever.  Hopefully not the last time!  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Birthday weekend of biking

North Carolina slickrock!
I had a great weekend in Brevard, NC getting to mountain bike at DuPont State Forest and Pisgah.  Two days of good riding, I couldn't ask for more on my birthday weekend :0
On Saturday we hit DuPont and did the "hardest" trails there plus lots of fun stuff like the swoop downhill Airport Loop and some nice easy trails. It had a little bit of everything and what a difference riding on a full suspension bike than an old hardtail with v-brakes!  I also installed my dropper seat post prior to this trip and took advantage of it here.  The dropper post really does work to give you the extra confidence and maneuverability needed to go downhill fast over drops and rocks plus trying new stuff.  The best part of the weekend: I did not fall or crash once. We did 20 miles in DuPont and then on Sunday, we did about 13 miles in Pisgah going over Clawhammer (5-6 miles uphill) and then down Black Mountain.  There was some serious hike-a-bike to get to Black Mtn but it was still fun.  This was my first time out in Pisgah and I want to go back now.  I regret not making an effort to go on these trails before this year but I feel ready now and up for the challenge.

Crossing the creek with no shoes on, too slick to bike through
By the time Monday rolled around, I was too tired to do anything and took a break from biking/working out.  But I knew I was going to get my birthday WOD in on Tuesday so I showed up for the 6AM class and lucky for me, Karen did the WOD with me.  This was much tougher than I even expected, and I created the WOD!  My strength and endurance has taken a hit and I wasn't able to do the WOD even at 65 lbs much less 75 lbs! I did the first round and then got through the second round of power cleans and had to drop the weight to 57 lbs.  It was still tough but I loved every minute of it.  It was a great way to start of my "new" year.