Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hard WODs easy riding

I started off the week with a pretty tough WOD that left me sore:

50 deadlifts 75lbs
50 lunges (each leg so really 100 lunges)
40 back squats 65 lbs
40 sit-ups (after 8 toes to bar my back was hurting so I subbed sit-ups)
30 power cleans 65 lbs
30 burpee box jumps
20 thrusters 65 lbs
20 double unders (I did 80 singles)
Time 25:21!
It didn't feel like I was going to finish and 2 days later, I still have muscle soreness.
On Tuesday, I took a break and only did my girls bike ride.  I took the singlespeed out to Crabtres but it was an easy beginner ride just to get my legs moving. On Wednesday, it was another lung buster:
20 hang power cleans 55 lbs
20 tire flips
20 sumo high pulls 55 lbs
2 rounds
Time 15:10!
A suicide is running to a cone touching the ground and then you run back and repeat going to next cone set a bit farther.  The suicides made it clear that I need to start running again! It was awful.


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