Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday WOD

Last night I started a new routine- instead of just riding Rocky Road from the greenway, I started off on Sludge.  It was much harder but I gave myself plenty of time and was able to do both trails plus Sludge with shortcuts on the way back.  This gave me close to 11 miles of singletrack on a weeknight with over 1000 ft of climbing.  Not bad at all. Now if I could only improve my pace and get up every hill!

And I still felt good enough this morning: 
30 goblet squats 40 lb kettlebell
18 sit-ups
30 med ball cleans 14 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 row for calories
18 sit-ups
30 slam balls 20 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 burpees
Time: 17:51


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