Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday Mtb and overhead squats

I biked Rocky Road last night, didn't push it too hard and didn't make it up some hills but am feeling better about what I can do out there.  I feel so close to being able to clean almost everything out there (minus the jumps), this is the year! Plus being able to do it in under 1 hour.

Then this morning, we had a surprisingly easy WOD:
85 overhead squats 45 lbs
5 burpees if you put the bar down
I put the bar down 4 times = 20 burpees.
I think I could have done 55 lbs, maybe even 65 lbs but I was more worried about being too sore for weekend mountain biking than pushing it during the WOD!
Glad it's Friday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday WOD all alone

I missed out on Tuesday's WOD due to severe lack of sleep! It was tough yesterday but I started to feel better in the afternoon and made it to the girls ride at Crabtree.  It was a good ride, I got to go with the faster group and again realized that I need to stop braking so much if I want to get faster!  We did about 8 miles.

This morning I did get up and made it to the gym for a simple yet brutal WOD:
Thrusters 55 lbs
Time 17:17
I did the first round of 21 reps unbroken but the rest broke me and I had to rest after 6-7 reps each time before finishing.
That was 84 reps! I could barely catch my breath during this WOD.0

Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday WOD

Back to the gym on Friday for an easy WOD:

30 goblet squats 40 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 push-ups
18 sit-ups
30 med ball cleans 14 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 row for calories
18 sit-ups
30 burpees
I did not do anything this past weekend! And today (Monday) back at the gym for a hard WOD:
Widow maker
EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 20 minutes
5 cleans 55 lbs
5 push jerks
5 push-ups 
I wasn't able to keep up and ended up just trying to get as many rounds done in 20 minutes. I ended up doing 14 rounds. It was painful! And it was pointed out to me that I was power cleaning it and them squatting into the clean- not efficient or fast! But it's so hard to drop down and receive the bar- I feel like I'm not going to catch it!

I also enjoyed some treats this weekend courtesy of Big Bundts Bakery in Durham!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday WOD

Last night I started a new routine- instead of just riding Rocky Road from the greenway, I started off on Sludge.  It was much harder but I gave myself plenty of time and was able to do both trails plus Sludge with shortcuts on the way back.  This gave me close to 11 miles of singletrack on a weeknight with over 1000 ft of climbing.  Not bad at all. Now if I could only improve my pace and get up every hill!

And I still felt good enough this morning: 
30 goblet squats 40 lb kettlebell
18 sit-ups
30 med ball cleans 14 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 row for calories
18 sit-ups
30 slam balls 20 lbs
18 sit-ups
30 burpees
Time: 17:51

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Split jerks

The past couple weeks have been busy, and blogging was the first thing to go!  I had a good Mtb race at Crabtree on April 5th, weather was perfect, I got 6 laps in 5 hours and then I quit.  I had time for 1 more lap but was not looking forward to feeling sore and tired the next day so I quit while I still felt good.  

Crossfit had been consistent but I stopped lifting due to travel and general laziness.  I need to get back into it but I think I am not liking the Russian Bear program.  

Today at the gym we did this:
Split Jerk 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1
I could have gone a little higher in weight but need to work on my technique.

Then a WOD:
20 box jumps
Run 499M
15 toes to bar
3 rounds

Hopefully I will still have legs to bike tonight!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday WOD was hard

I managed to get up and get to the 6AM workout, although I could feel myself backsliding a bit since I was out of town and then sick the last two weeks! I started thinking this morning, what's so bad about getting an extra hour of sleep and being a little out of shape, but I came to my senses. 

This was a gasser:
Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 10 min:
6 power snatches 45 lbs
6 power cleans 45 lbs
After two minutes I had to take a break!  But then I stuck to it and I ended up finishing 9 rounds total.  I was gasping the last two minutes. It would have been tough to have done a higher weight.

Rest 3 minutes
AMRAP for 9 minutes:
12 bent over rows 45 lbs
12 slamballs 20 lbs
I did 5 rounds but was feeling tired and had to take mini-breaks during the longest 9 minutes I've ever experienced!