It was too rainy and wet to ride singletrack but I had two good days of Umstead riding. On Saturday, I did 30 miles! That was almost 2000 ft of elevation in our not so hilly Raleigh.  I'm trying to figure out what loops in Umstead would be good for a 100 mile bike ride there.  I ended up doing this:

I think I could eliminate the climb up Reedy Creek Lake and get 25 miles then repeat for 3 more laps.  I'd love to incorporate the Cedar Ridge climb but the water levels in the creek and the extreme muddiness on the other side prevented me from trying.  I definitely am not mentally ready to do 100 miles but it's good to have a plan just in case!  It was a messy ride since it was drizzling but overall, not that bad. I was glad I was biking.

Sunday was drier weather but cold and windy! Really cold and really windy.  I regretted leaving the house at 10:30 for the ride but I sucked it up and did another 17 miles of Umstead.  I was slower than Saturday though and could feel my legs being tired.

The other thing I decided to try is to do kettlebell swings every day to help with conditioning and fat loss.  So this past week, on Monday I did 400 kettlebell swings with a 26 lb bell, Wednesday 100 kettlebell swings with a 26 lb bell and then I upped it on Saturday by doing 400 swings with a 35 lb bell and another 100 swings on Sunday with a 35 lb bell.  I wish I could have done more on Sunday but my legs were toast by then.  The nice thing about doing swings is that it's fairly quiet (unless you grunt a lot) and I could watch Brooklyn 911 episodes while I did the swings.  Advice from the internet: keep your kettlebell somewhere handy and just do swings throughout the day.  I haven't taken it that far but it was far easier to get motivated to do the swings when the kettlebell was right there in my living room.


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