So I'm going to be writing up some weekly update posts so I can get up to date and start posting regularly. It might seem like a better idea to just skip ahead to this week but I actually use these posts a year or two later to see how I was doing.

Feb. 10 Monday
I did the WOD since I was not feeling strong enough to lift after the bike race on Sunday:
8 min row for calories!
rest 2 min
8 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
21 double unders (I did 63 singles)
15 box jumps (step ups 20" box)
9 push presses 75 lbs
I rowed for 97 calories (was targeting 12 cal/min!)
and 4 rounds plus 63 singles of jump rope
I liked this workout, it was a bit different and rowing for 8 minutes is a gasser.

Feb. 11 Tuesday
Hang Cleans 5 sets of 8 reps@ 55% 1 rep max (I did 55 lbs)
Row 500M
10 power snatches 45 lbs
20 wall balls 12 lbs
2 rounds
My time was 10:52, snatches are hard. Hang cleans are also hard.

Feb. 12 Wednesday
12 min AMRAP
40 burpees (yay!)
40 pullups
40 should to overhead 55 lbs
2 min rest
row 2000M or run 1 mile or bike 3 miles
I did 1 round plus 20 burpees and biked 3 miles on the Aerodyne.  total time 20:32!

And for the rest of the week, I rested! I was so tired this week, I felt like I had no energy.  The weekend was pretty crappy weather too so I didn't even get out and bike.

I started on a slippery slope this weekend (2/15) with a hamburger and fries from Only Burger!


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