Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Strength, Tabata and more pushups

I am glad I got to the gym on Monday and Tuesday because Wednesday was a snow day and mostly a rest day for me.
I did not make any  progress this week on the press but at least maintained my strength gains:

Military press
55 lbs 5 reps
65 lbs 5 reps
75 lbs 4 reps! Again then 3 reps

Back squats were hard today
95 lbs 4 reps
110 lbs 3 reps
120 lbs 5 reps rested 2 min and did 4 more reps
I am not doing so well on the higher weights so I think I need to incorporate some accessory work like front squats and split squats. Or more protein? I'm not sure what's going on.
After I did my squats, Jason had me do 10 squat jumps and my legs were screaming after that!

I also did toes to bar: 12 then 5 more
And push-ups: 10-12-7-7-12, total 48 today.

Overhead squats 2 sets of 10 at 35 lbs, then 3 sets of 10 at 55 lbs
The overhead squats are always hard but I was glad I was able to do 30 reps @55 lb3s.
Then we did a Tabata WOD (work hard for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat for 8 times):
Row for calories - I did 4 calories for each round! 
Rest 1 minute
Abmat Situps - I did 10 situps for each round - total 80 situps and my abs are sore now.

I then did my toes to bar: 13-6-5 = 28 total, the goal was to do 14 without breaking but I didn't make it so I did extra reps for practice.

Wednesday: Mega rest day but I decided late in the day to at least get my pushups in:
10-12-8-8-15 for a total of 53 pushups.  This is "Week 1" of the one hundred pushup challenge, I tried this last week and couldn't even finish the Week 1 reps so I am repeating it again this week with some success (as in finishing all the reps!).  I'll do it again on Friday.  Bonus- doing pushups really warms you up!


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