I don't feel like I've done all that much this week because it's been a de-load week for strength and I have had bike issues that prevented me from getting in my trainer time.  Over the weekend, I did do one bike trainer workout but that was it!  Sunday was a rest day and then Monday rolled around and I just did some light back squats and presses.  Since I skipped deadlifts the previous week, I did my hard set on Monday:
150 lbs 5 reps
170 lbs 3 reps
190 lbs 7 reps
I like doing deadlifts but it seems like the first rep is always the hardest (for every weight I tried) but then it becomes easier, maybe because I don't believe I will actually be able to lift the weight off the ground.  Once I get one rep done, I know I'm primed for more and this is how I felt on Monday when I did the 190 lb set.  I thought for sure I would only be able to belt out 5 reps and I did 7 with a little gas still left in the tank. 

And then I took Tuesday as a Rest day!  I could not get up for the gym.

On Wednesday, we did a painful WOD (painful because pullups even with a band are so hard):
AMRAP 20 minutes
8 deadhang pullups (purple and green bands)
8 box jumps (I did step ups on a 20" box)
12 kettlebell swings 35 lbs
I did 8 rounds and 2 pullups.  For the first round I used the purple (1") band to assist and then I had to switch over to the green band (1.5" width) but I did attempt 2 pullups for every round with the skinnier band.  I have a REALLY long way to go with pullups. 

On Thursday, it was a little better:
5 sets of 10 reps Cleans @75% max, I did this with 75 lbs and worked on my technique, we took about 20 minutes to finish this.
Then a mini-wod:
Row for calories
Ring dips (with a band)
Time: 5:46

The annual body fat challenge began this week at my gym and the goal is to lose 25% of your bodyfat, I'm still confused whether that's 25% of your % body fat or 25% of your body fat weight in lbs.  I'll figure it out before the 90 days are over. So I'm forking over $75 and will get my $75 back if I lose the fat, if I don't lose it, the money goes to the person who loses the most body fat in the gym.  Secretly I hope it's me this year!

As part of the body fat challenge this year, Jason added two physical challenges:
1. in the 90 days, do toes to bar with increasing reps until you get to 90 toes-to-bar, so on Thursday I did 2 reps! Toes to bar is hanging from a bar and pivoting up to get your toes to touch the bar! It is easy for 3-5 reps and gets progressively harder.
2. Do 90 pushups per day, I did 20 on Wednesday, 30 on Thursday and am working up to 90 pushups (serious pushups, not girlie pushups).  I did break them up in 10 reps at a time because serious pushups are quite difficult!  I hope in 9 days to get up to 90 pushups and stick to 90 pushups for the remainder 90 days. 

I haven't actually gotten my body fat measured (come Monday) but I started the healthy eating plan which means I have banned sugar, bread, pasta, cereal and white potatoes from my diet. I hid my chocolate chip bag and gave away all the Halloween candy so there is no more temptation at home.  It's only been 2 days so far and no problems yet!  I found that if I plan my meals and snacks, I am much much less likely to stray and eat badly.  I am making an effort to also eat at least 100 gram (target is 120 grams) of protein every day and keep my carbs > 120 grams but less than 200 grams. Fat works out to even things out.  For bike rides, I'll still eat half of a whole wheat tortilla with almond butter (much better than Sport Jelly Beans and Cliff Shot Bloks!), that will be the only time I eat something flour based. 

Today's healthy eating was a black bean/kale/chicken sausage thick soup, it was really nice coming home to that cooking in the crockpot. 


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