Friday, January 24, 2014

More WODs

It's gotten really cold here and it has decreased my motivation to workout after I come home in the evening so I've tried to work hard in the morning:

Military press
55 lbs 5 sets of 5
Then a mini WOD 
90 singles jump rope
30 wall balls 12 lbs
3 rounds
I then did 9 toes to bars.

Push-up work:
17, 15, 14, 14, 10, the last set was supposed to be your max and I only had 10 in me.
Row 1000M
Rest 90 seconds
4 rounds
Each row took me about 4:34-4:40,  it is very hard for me to keep a constant pace rowing, I start off doing a 2:07/500M pace and it drifts up to 2:20 and then 2:30 as I get worn out and then I recover and get it back to 2:15 for the last 200M. Afterwards, I did 10 toes to bar then 3 more.  Good way to start the weekend and my legs are no longer sore!


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