Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday WOD and pushup work

Well, today's WOD was hard because I suck at power snatches and snatches in general and was overthinking how to do the movement.

Power Snatches 55 lbs
Toes to bar
Wall balls 12 lb
Time: 29:18

Before the WOD, Alan had us do max effort pushups to see where we were, I did 20 serious pushups before I fell apart. This puts me at Level 3 out of 7 on his pushup scale so next week I'll work on the # of reps and time for pushups prescribed for Level 3 and work my way up to Level 7 which is apparently 100 pushups (no pauses, no breaks).  I like the idea of doing this with the other people in the gym instead of breaking up 90 pushups throughout the day on my own.  We shall see if this experiment works! 

I did notice I was extra hungry this morning- stomach was actually growling so I had a protein shake before breakfast. I think that's going to be key to healthy fat loss- getting enough protein and the right amount of carbs/fat.  I did get confirmation that it will be 25% loss of your % body fat.  So for example if I have 25% body fat (35.8 lbs @142 lbs total), I need to get down to 18.75% body fat which means losing 11.2 lbs! And assuming I don't gain or lose any lean body mass. Now I have to see what my actual numbers are and work from there but I expect it is in the 10-15 lb range which seems like a goal I can accomplish. 


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