Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday WOD and more bike trainer time

It's raining! I need to take off of work during the weekdays so I can get some decent bike rides in because it seems like every weekend is rain, rain, rain. Luckily it was not raining at 6AM and so the run portion of the WOD was bearable (and not too cold after 3 minutes into the WOD):
Run 200M
Chest to Bar pullups (using a fat green band!)
Cleans 85 lbs
Time: 26:56

It was a challenge to do the cleans (fully squatting, no power cleans) and I had to mentally prepare for each and every one of the 45 reps but I got it done and really, 85 lbs was not that bad.  This last year, with all the the squats and cleans I have been doing has paid off.  I used to absolutely hate receiving the bar and fully squatting in the clean because I never felt confident in my squats and in catching the weight but today showed me that with a lot of hard work, I am capable of doing this.  And in good time since I want to start lifting a little bit heavier during the WODs and work on my endurance and then my speed.  12 hours later and no DOMs either!  I do have the DOMs from the bench pressing and dips yesterday (triceps are sore!) which was a little surprising but I guess when you take a few weeks off, that's to be expected.

Now I'm off for another bike trainer workout to build up my mountain biking legs.  I might as well get some bike time in despite the rain!

Looking forward to my afternoon snack: pineapple chunks mixed with nonfat plain yogurt! No need for added sugar and weird ingredients.


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