I used Saturday as my rest day and then Sunday I got back  on the bike and did a ride at New Light. It was slow and hard.  And I missed having a dropper seat post.  I am definitely braver with a dropper seat post and now I want one that works. 

New Light was good albeit a little slick and muddy in some spots.  I was in such a rush to start riding that I forgot my Camelbak!  I was about a 1/2 mile into the trail when I got thirsty and realized I had left it in the car so I got in an extra mile just by forgetting it.  I am glad I went back because I would not have finished the ride without water and a snack. 

I started eating well on January 14 and I have stayed strong! Surprisingly I have not succumbed to any urges to eat chocolate or sweets, this is an amazing thing.  I have not had much success resisting chocolate in the past but I can at least say that for the last 12 days, there was no need to even resist since I had not desire to eat it.  I am wondering how long I can keep this no sugar in my life up, but my will is strong, there were cookies and Hershey Kisses at work and I abstained!  As for not having any bread, that's been good also but I did have some on my sandwich at LaFarm because I thought I was going to get cornbread and ended up with regular bread.  I don't feel guilty about the slip though because everything else has been great in my diet.  I am really trying to eat mostly whole foods and I eat every 3 hours or so to keep myself energetic.  This has definitely been better than trying to fast or restrict calories or carbs severely  I am targeting 1840 calories a day and a little more if I exercise.  So far it seems to be working.  I have also been diligent about recording what I eat in MyFitnessPal and weighing myself weekly.  At the same time, I'm looking forward to warmer days and more biking (more eating also!).  In the meantime, on the foid front, I made my own plain yogurt since I've been eating it almost daily. It made sense to economize by making homemade yogurt. It turned out awesome! I now have organic thick homemade yogurt to enjoy that is 30% cheaper than store bought and tastier.


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