Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend biking and deadlifts/front squats

I didn't do much this weekend -a short 6 mile lap in 286 due to it raining, then a Umstead 19 mile bike ride on Sunday.  On Monday, I worked on my front squats:

63 lbs squat and then come up halfway, then squat, come up halfway, squat and then two full squats, I did this 4 times, it was hard.  And I apparently come up with my butt, lean too far forward and make it harder to get up with the barbell in front.  So I need to practice, a lot.  This means I'm taking a break from the Wendler program for my cleans and going to work on my front squats for a month or two.

I am making progress on my deadlifts though:
75 lbs 5 reps
135 lbs 5 reps
150 lbs 5 reps
165 lbs 3 reps
185 lbs 6 reps
I will keep working on my deadlifts and adding 5 lbs/month as I progress.

Since I did heavy lifting today, I justified some carbs for breakfast- a crepe with Nutella and a banana- yummy! Plus my regular eggs/spinach with chai.  An excellent way to start Monday!


Anonymous said...

Yay food porn!

bigpathan said...

I make good crepes

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