Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Front squats!

We did strength work today so I got to do front squats again!

50 lbs@ 5 reps
75 lbs@ 3 reps
85 lbs@ 1 rep
95 lbs@ 1 rep
105 lbs@ 1 rep
115 lbs@ 1 rep
Up to 105 lbs, it felt easy.  115 lbs I started to tilt forward but I saved myself and brought my elbows up and my chest straight.  I think I could have done 120 or 125 lbs but didn't feel like taking a gamble! This does mean I should be able to clean 115 lbs!  Hopefully I'll try soon.
Then a mini-WOD 
Row 500M
15 toes to bars
3 rounds
Toes to bar is hard, I did about 7 good ones and the rest were terrible!

I forgot to post this earlier- but we ate at Buns on Sunday and I got a double stack burger because I was hungry and wanted the extra protein.  It filled me up and I didn't need dinner that night.  Extra bonus was also that I was so full, I didn't have any room for Ben & Jerry's ice cream!


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What a beautiful picture! ;-)

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