Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesday WOD and lifting

This is a 3-day week for me so I decided to do WODs Monday through Wednesday to get me through the holiday safely.  And Tuesday was just as hard as Monday:

Row 400M
15 pull-ups with a band
15 push presses 45 lbs
20 front rack step ups 45 lbs
4 rounds
This was hard, the pull-ups were really hard, I'm not sure if it was all the shoulder work from yesterday or I'm just getting worse on pull-ups. For the step ups, you hold the bar as you would for a front squat and just step up and down! I had to go down to an 18" box height, since the 20" box was making me feel unsteady.

After work, I did some lifting:
75 lbs 5 reps
85 lbs 5 reps
100 lbs 1 rep, I tried 2 more reps but was not feeling like I could catch the bar. I might try again tonight!
Then deadlifts:
135 lbs 5 reps
150 lbs 5 reps
165 lbs 9 reps
Felt pretty good but I was tired by the end! It made me feel like I might have to start doing only one major lift per day instead of two so I have lots of energy to go heavy.


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