Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THANKFUL it's Wednesday

Another tough WOD today but at least I feel like I'm not going to overwhelmed by the holiday eating!  Every year, Forged Fitness puts on a WOD that uses the words "THANKFUL" as the inspiration:
Thrusters 55 lbs
Hip extensions (really back extensions)
Air Squats
Now row for calories
Kb swings 35 lbs
Floor wipers (Left+right = 1 rep)
Upright row 45 lbs
Lunges (Left+right = 1 rep)
11 reps then
28 reps on the second round!
Time: 23:20
It looks deceptively easy but it's a gasser and I had to take multiple breaks in order to finish.  That's the last workout at Forged I'll do this week, the rest of the week will be at home workouts or perhaps no workouts at all! We'll see how my motivation is.


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