Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Night riding and Wednesday WOD

On Tuesday, I went for the night ride at Crabtree park.  The ride started at 6 pm and it was pitch dark by then. I had both my handlebar light and helmet light powered up.  Night rides are more fun with lots of light!  I even lead one group through the first lap at a pretty good clip and then took up the rear on the second lap and got dropped promptly!  It's hard to keep up on the singlespeed bike, I definitely have a lot to work on as far as riding hard on this bike.  Still, it was a great ride and not cold at all!  I overdressed wearing a jacket and long pants.  Next time, I'll double check on the temperatures and try to remember that I generate a lot of heat riding hard.

Wednesday morning kind of sucked because my smoke detector kept chirping away at 4 am and I thought I had fixed it but it still kept chirping away!  So I was up about 1.5 hours earlier than I wanted to and I had gone to bed at 11 pm, not a good combination.  Although I did a decent job in the workout, I had no energy to jump over the barbell to do burpees, I just walked over the barbell instead.
Run 400M (cold on the first lap)
42 abmat situps
15 snatches 55 lbs (full squat)
9 barbell burpees (do a burpee, hop over the bar, do a burpee!)
3 rounds
Time: 23:20

I felt better after the workout but I think today is going to be a slow day given my lack of sleep! 


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