Last Friday's WOD was a partner workout and we ended up doing it as a trio:
120 deadlifts 115 lbs
45 burpees over the bar
120 power snatches 55 lbs
45 burpees over the bar
120 power clean and jerks 55 lbs
This meant that while 1-2 people did reps, the the third person rested and then switched off to complete the total number of reps.  We shared the reps fairly! So I did 40 deadlifts, ~15 burpees, 40 power snatches and 40 power clean and jerks.  I think we finished in 23:52.  My shoulders and upper back were super sore the next day from all the snatches.  I felt it while riding the singlespeed at Harris Lake. My legs also felt it and I was not feeling like I could do more than 1 lap at Harris!  I figured since I was going to go ride San Lee the next day, I could take it easy at Harris. Little did I know that my San Lee ride would be cut short due to a mechanical! John managed to get a stick stuck in his derailleur and sheared of the hangar, leaving him without a working chain. We ended up cutting the ride around 5 miles. I got to do the Gauntlet and passed on doing the FreeFall since my left palm is still sore from the last beating I got there! Still the San Lee ride was good, I had a great pace and was working hard but it didn't feel painful.

On Monday, I decided to work on strength:
58 lbs 3 reps
68 lbs 3 reps
78 lbs 1 rep! I tried two more times but my arms were not having it.

Back Squats
85 lbs 3 reps
95 lbs 3 reps
110 lbs 7 reps

And some mtb strength exercises:
1 minute planks
Kettlebell swings 35 lbs
Wall headstands
Inverted row 25 lbs
Bodyweight squats
Split squats holding a 35 lb kettlebell- tough!
Dumbbell presses 2x20lbs

I'm excited to start up the mtb strength training again, I am hoping it will help continue to improve in the mountain biking arena!


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