Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday "Fran" and weekend biking

Last Friday, we did "Fran", one of the benchmark Crossfit WODs:
Thrusters 95/65 lbs, I did 57 lbs
Pullups (I used a band)
It took me  6:47 to complete this, I think I would have struggled at 65 lbs! At 57 lbs, the thrusters were actually the easy part of this workout for me, the pullups got me. I really struggled even with the band to get more than 3-4 pullups at a time.  And although this workout was less than 7 minutes long, it's a gasser and there is no energy left to go do something else (at least that is how you are supposed to do the WOD).  It's pretty cool that with the variety of workouts we do, a sub-7 minute workout can be effective in keeping you fit. 

Pullups: although I've been saying that I want to be able to do at least one unassisted pullup, it still hasn't happened. I think I'm going to have to incorporate it into the weekly work/drills to get this done in 2014!

The rest of the day was spent doing trail maintenance on the mountain biking trails at Beaverdam/Falls Lake!  I met the park ranger and a couple of other people who worked there plus besides me, two other people had volunteered.  We ended up just working on one loop and fixing drainage issues, lopping off branches that were encroaching on the trail and getting rid of some old, deteriorated wood bridges.  Trail work is pretty labor intensive and after 5 hours, I was beat.

Since I worked so hard on the trail maintenance on Friday, I wanted to go back and ride the trails on Saturday- which we did and it was great despite feeling a bit slow and sluggish.  We did the Inner loop, West loop and South Loop for a total of ~11 miles.  I was a little disappointed in myself for not having the guts to try the big logstack and the tree skinny bridge. I just wasn't feeling physically confident even though I know I can do these trail features (I'm calling them features now instead of "obstacles"!).  Oh well, there will always be another ride out there.

On Sunday, All Star Bicycles and the The Bicycle Chain had a Specialized Demo at Lake Crabtree so I got to try out two bikes: Specialized Expert Fate (women's Medium carbon hardtail) and a Specialized Expert Epic (Small carbon full squish with "Brain" technology on the suspension).  I ride a bike that has 26" wheels and these were both 29" wheel bikes, very fancy 29er bikes ($5-6K).  My only test was to see how fast I could go around the outside loop of Crabtree (~5.5 miles). On the Fate it took me about 39 minutes and the Epic 38 minutes. My conclusion is that I am still really slow and a really expensive bike didn't make me any faster! I say this because I think I could the same on my Blur. But I have to go out and try my Blur to compare.  I know it's very subjective but it didn't feel much faster and in some ways, that's good because it means I'm at a skill level where a more expensive bike isn't going to help me!  I might as well stick with my Blur and just train on this bike and get faster by braking less and using more vision.  I do regret not taking any pictures though because I thought both bikes were kind of sexy.  So I apologize there is no bike porn here. 


Anonymous said...

Bike porn?? "Sexy" is not a word that seems right coming out of your mouth.

bigpathan said...

TMI: before every bike ride, I take a look at the Blur and think/say "hey there Sexy"!!!

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