Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend riding and a tough Monday WOD

I went for a very easy mountain bike ride at Harris Lake on Saturday with Monica and Alix, taking them on the beginner trail and the intermediate trail.  The beginner trail has been "groomed" and there were some nice rollers now and less rootiness.  I thought for sure it would be an easy and mellow ride to get back into it after crashing but I ended up taking a turn to hard and the bike slide out from me and I went right, using my hands to soften my fall. I felt like an idiot since putting your hands out like that way is good way to break something. Fortunately I didn't have enough speed to cause any damage and I think instinct took over to prevent any more bruising on my sides!  We probably did about 6 miles total. 

On Sunday, I decided to get serious about regaining my confidence and went to Briar Chapel with John.  I had my shin pads and elbow pads for extra insurance.  I took it a bit slow on the first lap but felt better on the second lap and successfully finished the ride with no crashes! So that was 4 rides in a row crashing and Briar Chapel became my first "crash-free" ride.  Let's hope it stays that way.  One thing I was proud of was staying the big ring to get up Bennet Mountain at Briar Chapel!  This is about a 5% grade, maybe more for close to 0.5 mile climb up. Not technical but it's a lung-buster and then you go down a really cool but challenging rock garden.  I was extra cautious and didn't clean much of the rock garden but it was still fun.  I think we ended up doing about 16 miles total.  The weather was awesome, the body armor wasn't uncomfortable and we got to eat at Buns afterward (best hamburger and sweet potato fries around here!).

One thing I did notice the entire weekend was my calves were really, really, really sore and I couldn't figure out why until Sunday evening when it finally occurred to me that 400 lateral hops (Friday) does a number on your calves!  Sheesh.

Monday I was back in the gym and did this very grueling WOD:
22 burpee pullups (do a burpee, jump up and do a pullup)
22 back squats 75 lbs (I tried 95 lbs but felt like I was struggling after 6 reps)
Run 200M with a 25 lb plate over your head (3rd round I dropped down to a 15 lbs plate!)
4 rounds
Time: 28:24
This workout just felt awful and I looked unhappy enough that Jason asked me if something was wrong!  Nothing particularly wrong but maybe still feeling shitty residually from the crash I guess. He also pointed out how I was losing my form in the back squats so that gave me something to focus on during the WOD and by the 3rd round I was doing 22 perfect back squats and using my hips instead of rising up with the butt!  Again, apparently I lead with my butt first when getting up (which puts more stress on the lower back) and you are supposed to lead with your hips and your chest upright!  And as I sit writing this at 10 pm Monday night, the DOMs have set in and my legs feel nice and sore from all 88 back squats!  I think doing 75 lbs was the right choice, considering the high reps and that this close to 50% of my 1 rep max for back squats.  Fun times!


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