Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Yoga and my Wednesday WOD

Yesterday, I tried a yoga class with my friend Karen @YMCA in Durham.  It was actually a yoga class that I didn't actively dislike.  I could do almost all the moves and it made my back feel really great by the end and when I woke up this morning, I had no residual soreness in my lower back.  I probably should do more yoga to help out my back but I find it hard to commit to yoga. It doesn't feel like I'm doing much but one hour of yoga seems like 3 hours.   It would probably be easier if I could just come up with a routine I could at home and this class helped me see which moves I could do at home (sun salutation, downward dog, plank, warrior poses,  child's pose, cobra, and one legged stands).

This morning was all work, but not hard:

Run 800M
90 singles (jump rope)
30 hand release push-ups 
30 goblet squats 30 lbs
30 sit-ups
3 rounds
Time 29:37
It seemed like this should have gone faster but those hand release push-ups were painfully slow.
This seemed like an endurance workout, yesterday the 5-6 minute WOD had me more gassed than today!


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