Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wednesday WOD and night ride

It might have been a lonely workout on Wednesday if Laura (instructor) didn't do the WOD along with me!  I think it was better having her do the WOD too since it motivates me to see someone else do it at the same time:
Power cleans 85 lbs
10-8-6-4-2-2-4-6-8-10 reps
Double unders (sinlges for me x 3!)
You do 10 power cleans and then 50 double unders (I did 150 singles jump rope) and then back to power cleans with 8 reps and so on. 
Power cleans at 85 lbs was hard and I kind of gave up after the first 8 and took of some weight and used 75 lbs but then it was too easy  so I went back to 85 lbs on the 2 rep rounds and stuck with it even though I was breaking them down into 3 reps at a time to finish.  Still, I think this means I can't go back to 75 lbs in a WOD! 

Time: 21:49

Wednesday night was my first bike ride in almost 2 weeks! Between traveling, the rain, and being sick, I just haven't been out there.  It was a night ride at Lake Crabtree park and it was pretty fun.  We did two laps so I think I got in about 12-13 miles?  I didn't keep track.  I can't wait to bike again! 


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