Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday WOD and cooking healthy

I had a good Wednesday WOD although I feel guilty for not going heavier and maybe not squatting as deeply as I should on the front squats:
3 front squats 85 lbs
8 ring dips (purple band)
8 rounds
Time 6:03!
Shortest WOD ever maybe?  This also made me feel guilty- like I sandbagged the workout even though as I'm sitting here 14 hours later in the early stages of delayed onset muscle soreness!  So I worked on my cleans after the WOD was over and did cleans at 85 lbs and 90 lbs (3 reps).

I've been motivated again to cook and yesterday I made my eggplant/ground beef dish which made for a delicious lunch.  Monica provided me some delicious but deadly dark chocolate cake/torte, it was decadent.  I had a small portion so I felt like I enjoyed it but didn't pig out. 
I also tried my hand at filet mignon broiled in the oven, gotta have my iron and B12!!!! And I tried making chicken thai green curry.  Everything tasted good and I have plenty of food for the next couple of days but boy, is prepping and cooking labor and time intensive! Even when I think I'm not taking too much time, I still end up spending 60-90 minutes in the kitchen cutting, prepping, cooking and cleaning!  I keep reminding myself that this allows me to eat better for less and it does actually taste better than most of the things I would eat in a restaurant.

Thai Green Curry with chicken, carrots, and bok choy

Filet Mignon broiled in the oven!


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