Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday WOD and strength work

I took Monday as a rest day, surprised to find my legs a bit tired from the 8 mile hike on Sunday.  Tuesday I was back at Forged Fitness:
Work on your snatch
then a mini-WOD:
10 slamballs 20 lbs
run 100M
10 pushups
run 100M
5 rounds
Time: 8:23
I have not been doing any snatch work and the overhead squat is my worst lift so today was just getting brave enough to get the bar overhead and squatting all the way down.  Up to 55 lbs it all felt great and I could even descend as the bar came up but at 63 lbs, I struggled.  I managed to power snatch 63 lbs and then squat and then I managed to actually do a real snatch.  So I tried 68 lbs and it sucked.  I got it overhead but it took 3 tries to overhead squat the weight.  I see snatch progression work in my near future.  I wish I had more time to work on everything!
After work, I went back to the gym to work on my presses and back squat:
I warmed up using the empty 45 lb bar and belting out some presses and back squats.
Military press:
60 lbs 3 reps
65 lbs 3 reps
75 lbs 4 reps (2 reps and then rested 1 minute, 2 more reps)
I keep saying I'm going to work on my presses and then I don't! I need to start doing some accessory exercises to get stronger on the press, I'm thinking push presses and dumbbell presses.
Back Squats:
80 lbs 3 reps
95 lbs 3 reps
105 lbs 8 reps
I love, love, love the progress I've made on my lifts. It isn't going to break any records but it's nice to be able to back squat 105 lbs for multiple reps and feel super stable when I do it!

Easy Dinner: Chicken sausage with sauteed onions and nuked/sauteed sweet potato!


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