Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tuesday Deadlifts!!!!

I didn't do my deadlifts last week so I was happy to see they were part of the WOD today:
Deadlifts 3-3-3-1-1-1 aim to get your 1 rep max
then a mini-WOD
Run 400M
20 lunges (each leg)
3 rounds
My time on the mini-WOD: 10:55
I convinced Trina to try out Forged Fitness so she came with me for this WOD.  She had never deadlifted before so she worked on her form with 55 lbs.  On the deadlifts this is what I did:
115 lbs 3 reps
135 lbs 3 reps
165 lbs 3 reps
205 lbs 3 attempts, the first one was okay but I don't think I stood all the way up, the second one I dropped because I started off with my butt too high, the last one I used the alternate grip and did it perfectly!  This is huge for me- I finally got over 200 lbs!!!! This is about 1.5X my bodyweight and is proof for my stronger biking this year.  I'm still aiming for 2X body weight though so I'll continue to deadlift and lift heavier!


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