Friday, October 25, 2013

Thursday night ride and Friday WOD

I am not sure if the extra carbs I've been eating (bad carbs as in brownies, red velvet cupcakes and scones!) or just the lack of mtb strength training is causing me to screw up on the trails but I had another crash last night.  And it was another stupid crash over something that I've gone over a million times with no problem but last night I guess I handled the bike differently or was going too slowly, not sure what. I went over a small set of logs and somehow my bike just went vertical over another root and flipped me over and this time I landed on my face (!) and slammed the right side of my body into the trail. It took me a second to get up and dust the leaves and dirt off. Then another couple of minutes just sitting on the trail feeling like crap.  And that was about 2 miles into the ride!  My face was fine (good) but I banged up my right hand, right arm, right thigh and knee and this morning I see the bruises on my left leg! Oh well, I got up and continued to ride even though I noticed that my rear brake lever was bent out (making it so I had to stretch my hand out to break), but the brakes themselves worked. No pictures this time!  I took it easy the rest of the ride and ended up having my longest Rocky road ride this year I think (1:30).  It was significantly darker and more of the ride was done with lights on which accounts for the slower pace but I was definitely being more cautious the rest of the ride. My right side just sort of throbbed for the remainder of the ride and I didn't feel like I could lift my front wheel up to get over anything.  Copious amount of icing and Arnica now to take care of the swelling and bruising.  It doesn't look too bad but I do feel tender in those spots.  Crashing sucks.

So despite crashing, I still wanted to see if I could do a WOD in the morning and turns out I can even with getting banged up from a mountain bike ride:
5 Thrusters 70 lbs (thruster = front squat into a push press)
50 lateral parallete hops (hop over a parellete bar (~12" height), left and right side = 1 turn)
5 Thrusters
Rest 1 minute and repeat
4 rounds
Time: 20:57
I could feel my right thigh on the hops but it turned out to not hurt.  The hops took the longest, I just don't have the power to crank them out. I end up doing 2-5 hops and then "starting over".  I've got no bounce!  70 lb Thursters was good, I might have been able to do 75 lbs but there is always next time.
I'm very glad it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

Ouch ouch ouch! Add padded face mask to list of gear to get!

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