Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Forged Gone Bad 9/28/13

On Saturday, 9/28/13, I did my third year of Fight Gone Bad at Forged Fitness.  The event felt even bigger this year!  Fight Gone Bad is a Crossfit WOD that we do to raise money for the Autism Society of North Carolina.  This year I raised $2040!  And I only had to work out for 17 minutes :)

The "before" picture
The WOD:
Every minute on the minute, as many reps as possible:
Push Presses
Row for Calories
Wall balls 14 lbs
Sumo deadlift high pulls 55 lb kettlebell (a lot harder than a 55 lb barbell!)
Box jumps 20" (I did step ups)
Rest 1 minute, Repeat for 2 more rounds!
Ready for Push Presses
Lockout on the push press!

 I started off with the push presses and belted out 36 push presses in 1 minute!!!! I felt so strong doing the push presses. Then I hobbled over to the rower and rowed a sorry 12 calories!  To be honest, I doubt I have ever rowed more than 12 calories in a minute, it's just tough for short people.  The wall balls really gassed me and the sumo deadlift high pulls (SDHP) were hard but not as hard as last year.  The steps have been pretty consistent from year to year, I managed to get 20+ per round.  In the end, I scored 261, in 2012 I scored 248 and in 2011 I scored 221. So there is improvement but I wished I had done even better.  I do know why I didn't score better though- I haven't been doing many WODs  and have been focusing on just pure strength.   This has hurt my conditioning a little bit and made me less efficient with less endurance.
55lb kettlebell for the sumo deadlift high pull!
Box jumps (step ups!)
3 rounds later and I'm done
I actually miss the WODs and will be trying to get back to 3 WODs a week since biking season is waning down.  Still, it was a great event, I'm glad I participated and I had a lot of fun.  Monica and Lisa were there to cheer me on and they took some great pictures.  Trina and Tushar missed the main action but they came later and I got to show them what exactly it is I do when I got to the gym.  For fun, I even flipped tires for them afterwards in the back parking lot. 
Scorecard 2013!

An hour later, with enough energy to flip tires for fun!


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