Thursday, October 3, 2013

Biking and Sunday FunDay

After Forged Gone Bad on Saturday, I went for a bike ride at Briar Chapel so I could show Valerie around the trails- she had only been doing half the trail!  I was planning on taking it easy since Fight Gone Bad was so tough in the morning but John said I was keeping a good pace and he was surprised how fast I was going :).  But it did feel like an easy pace and BC has enough ups and downs that you can pick up speed and then coast uphill sometimes!  The rock gardens were more fun today and overall it was a good 7 mile loop.  I was spent after it was over though and the tired feeling had creeped into my legs.

On Sunday I felt tired but I had signed up for the dirt jump skills clinic so I felt like I had to go.  Biking over to Lake Crabtree felt so hard!  I knew that was a bad sign since this is the easiest trail in the area.  I still hung out at the dirt jump session and tried to jump the baby table tops. I think I got my wheels about 1" off the ground.  Definitely something to practice when I'm more energetic.  I was too tired to even consider running, at this point my legs felt like lead so I took it easy for the rest of the day.  It was really fun watching the BMX kids and the dirt jumpers just flying in the air, and it's really cool that we have these features here in Raleigh.  I think we had over 40 people try the dirt jumps for the first time, it was a huge success. 

Baby Tabletop jump


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