I had a busy day on Saturday, I first ran Company mill at 7:30AM!  I had oatmeal with blueberries before the run to make sure I had enough energy and it worked.  It was tough getting out there by myself (no Lisa) but I did it and for the most part it felt like a pretty good run even though my Merrell Pace Glove shoes were kinda killing me.  I even managed to fall once and hit my left palm pretty hard on the ground but as there was no scrape or swelling, I guess I landed softly.  My pace left much to be desired (12 min/mile) and I did the cheater route (cutting across Old Reedy Creek Rd, instead of doing the whole loop) but the run made me happy.  And the weather was amazing, it was a cool 65ish and no humidity. Perfect running conditions.
Afterwards, I rested a bit, had my scrambled eggs and chai and then half a tortilla with almond butter around 12 pm before my bike ride at Briar Chapel.  Another happy occasion since 6 people showed up for my ride, one guy (John) was someone who I rode with and hiked with several times the first year I moved here. I hadn't seen him on any rides since then until this ride.  He was a nice guy then and is still a nice guy!  I was also trying to sell my club's jerseys and was wearing one for the ride.  He ended up buying one from me and said I looked better in the jersey than he ever will :). I thanked him and said that was a nice thing to say and he said it was true thing.  Some guys just know the right things to say.  And Angie from my Tuesday night girls ride was also there so I was excited about that because she's got skills and loves trying new things.  The other members of our motely crew were new to me (except for the other John) and it was just nice to meet people that I knew only through the meetup page in person. We headed out and I tried to keep up a good pace for the group.  At one point, we reached the big boulder that I've seen people go over in the "easy" direction but only have seen one guy go over in the hard direction.  So the group was patient and allowed me to try to get up on top of this boulder going the hard way. Unfortunately, I managed to get on top, lose my balance and fall really hard on the left side of the boulder.  It didn't hurt too bad, managed to scrape up my elbow and my ankle a bit and woke up the next day unable to get out of bed on the left, but other than that, it was OKAY!  I was a little disappointed that I didn't clear it and I didn't feel like trying it again in front of a crowd but Angie gave it a shot (this is why I like her so much) and she didn't make it but saved herself much better than me.  Then Jeff tried it and although he dabbed on the top, he made it up and down the boulder. And lastly, John was supposed to be recording my boulder climb but managed to hit the wrong button so I've got nothing to show for my pain and efforts.  There is always next time though! And this boulder has not seen the last of me.  We did the entire loop and went up Bennett "mtn" to do the downhill rock garden- this time I did much, much better than previously and cleaned most of it!  Rocks stop being scary once you realize your wheel will roll up and down them and even if your wheel slides out a bit, you just adjust and keep pedaling!  It was all good but I only had one lap in me since I forgt my Camelbak and was only carrying 16 oz of water in my back pocket.  And I drink a lot of water and that was not enough. I could tell I was dehydrated by the end of the lap so I left it at that.  I really like this trail now that I understand it a bit better.  I wish it was longer (I wish all the trails were longer) but it makes for a good lap and two laps would probably satisfy my singletrack urges.

And then Sunday came and another early morning run, this time meeting at 7 AM!  It was an out and back starting on Old Reedy Creek Rd where it crosses the Black Creek greenway and I ran on ORC till I got to the gate on the other side of the park (heading towards NC Museum of Art). The "out" part was pretty good, still wicked slow with a ~12 min/mile pace, the "back" part sucked big time.  Even after I passed the airport lookout point when I only had maybe 1.5 miles left, time sort of slowed down and the road did not seem to end.  I kept thinking I was almost done but really I wasn't.  I ended up with an average ~13 min/mile pace for a total of 11 miles.  A marathon is going to be horrific if I can't get my pace up.  I'm trying to figure out how I can get more runs in to get in the groove. Less than two months from the marathon now!

The last part of my weekend was teaching Monica some bike skills. We went out to Harris Lake and practiced shifting, braking, standing pedaling, cornering and turning.  She did really well and I did pretty well teaching her (based on the results!).  And we did two laps of the 1 mile beginner trail and she continued to do well out on the singletrack.  It was a good effort for both of us, I learned a bit more about how to show a beginner how to ride and she found out that she could learn how to ride off-road.  It was a pretty cool way to end my weekend. Especially since I had no energy left for a bike ride of my own after the morning run!

Just me and my shadow for this run, EVERYONE dropped me.


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