Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday WOD: deadlifts

My legs were feeling the squats from yesterday but I was not painfully sore, I just recognized that my legs had worked out yesterday.  And the bike ride last night was extremely mellow since I led the beginner group.  And this time i had 3 beginners with me, all who did well.  The biggest issues were stamina and how to pedal over roots, both require patience, practice and using momentum.  

I want to bed by 10 pm and made it to Forged at 6 am for a fun WOD:
Row 300M (I maintained a 2:00-2:10/500M pace)
12 bodyweight deadlifts 135 lbs (3 lbs short!)
21 box jumps (I did stepups on a 20" box)
4 rounds
Time 15:01
I was hoping to finish under 15 minutes and was close enough :)
I keep worrying that deadlifting so many reps is going to hurt but it was pretty good today.  All the extra deadlifting work I've done and will continue to do is paying off.  I always think of the deadlift as a lower back exercise strengthener but really my legs get the brunt of the workout (as they should).  Tonight, we do speed intervals, still need to find a good track though since the one we tried a couple of weeks ago was just asphalt and nearly killed my right knee!


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