Friday, September 13, 2013

Strength training

Feeling lazy today, I forced myself to get ready and finished my strength work for the week down in my basement: today's workout was cleans and deadlifts.
The cleans:
45 lbs x 3
65 lbs x 3
70 lbs x 3
80 lbs x 3
85 lbs x 3
90 lbs x 4
The Wendler prescription was only for 70, 80 and 90 lbs for 3 reps and then max reps possible on the last weight but I find myself more confident in doing cleans if I go up in increments of 5 lbs so I did some extra work. It was worth it because 90 lbs felt good (albeit my 3rd rep was poor on the get up).  And I had enough in me to do a 4th rep.  Compared to how nervous I felt trying to do 90 lbs two weeks ago, I'm really happy with what I accomplished today.
I sort of followed the same method for deadlifts:
90 lbs x 3
135 lbs x 3
145 lbs x 3
155 lbs x 3
165 lbs x 7
I was shooting for 8 reps at 165 lbs but it was really hard today!  I only have 45 lb steel plates at home and I suspect it's just slightly hard to deadlift since there is no give with steel plates versus the bumper plates at the gym. 

And a new favorite tune to listen to while I do deadlifts:


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