Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Squats again now that legs have recovered

I rested on Monday and it was a good thing because my legs started to feel normal today and I was able to do some strength training:
Military press:
55 lbs 3 reps
60 lbs 3 reps
70 lbs 4 reps! One rep since last time on August 27th! I'll take any improvement I can on presses.  I keep hoping the more weight I can do on a press, the easier handstand pushups and pullups will be, although I haven't tested that theory out yet.  I am predicting that once I can press 100 lbs, I should be able to do a pullup (yes one single pullup) and if I still can't do a pullup by then, I need to really work on my pullups and pullup progression.

Then back squats:
80 lbs 3 reps
90 lbs 3 reps
100 lbs 9 reps, I did 10 reps but am not counting the last one since I think my form sucked. Still, it was 9 reps that felt relatively easy to do!  That's huge for me. I don't feel wobbly or unstable going to full depth in the squat and 100 lbs now feels pretty easy.  The squats felt good so I think my muscles have recovered from last week. 

After work, I went on a bike ride at Lake Crabtree. I led the beginner group and it's been more gratifying to see the progress some of the women make on these rides.  I know it can be scary for them to go over roots and down hills but I love it when they take the risk and try and find out how un-scary it is and how much fun it is.  I even lent one girl my singlespeed and now she is ready to buy her own mountain bike!  Overall, a pretty good day for lifting and riding!


Anonymous said...

Is the girl Lisa? Are you turning her into a b.a. as well? ;-)

bigpathan said...

Ha, no, actually it was another girl who just moved here from Holland- she used her bike there to commute all the time but never tried mtn biking but had a blast last night and is ready to buy a bike now :) Lisa's b.a. training is going to take a LONG time!

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