Monday, September 9, 2013

Legs were beaten up this past weekend

I pushed myself pretty close to the limit this past weekend and I think doing 75 front squats on Friday morning really tested my biking abilities.  I thought doing the front squats at 55 lbs was not so bad and it was only 8 minutes or so of work but 8 minutes results in tired legs.  My legs didn't even get the delay onset muscle soreness (DOMS), they just went straight to feeling tired.  That didn't stop me from doing a whole lot of mountain biking though:
First rode out at Lake Crabtree with two co-workers, I had thought they were out of shape and I was going to be able to take it easy but no, they actually kept a good pace and I had to push it as the "ride leader".  That was about 8 miles of riding in about 1 hour.  My legs felt the pain at Crabtree and so I knew I was going to be hurting later.
Second ride was at Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill.  I hadn't been out to this trail for a while and someone local offered to ride with me so I took him up on it.  It was a lot of fun but my legs were feeling insecure, I had to take it easy on the rock gardens and I actually had to push my bike up a hill because I couldn't pedal anymore!  We got about 10 miles or so of riding in and now I feel like I have to go back to conquer the rock gardens! Unlike San Lee, these rock gardens are downhill and I just wasn't feeling confident in hitting them.  I hope with fresh legs, I'll be able to get through them.

A ride out at Harris Lake with a good group of people and this time on my Dialed steel, orange, singlespeed! It was pretty fun riding the singlespeed out there at Harris Lake.  I think we got about 11 miles total and although my legs were still hurting, the pace was good.  Both Matt and Trina were killing it on the jumps and I was wishing I could do the jump but I just didn't feel ready.  It's so close though. I'm hoping before the year is over, I get to clear some jumps, I don't care where but it will be recorded on video!  I was way too tired to do anything else though and had to bail on running since I was hoping to recover enough for a really long bike ride on Sunday.

My legs felt better, walking didn't hurt anymore and we went to Uhwarrie National Forest to try out the singletrack there.  The storms from earlier this year resulted in many down trees in the forest but most were cleared except for a short connector trail.  This required some walking through brambles and brush to get back on the trail (see picture below).  Luckily, the main trails were cleared.  This was mainly a ride on the Kewaunee trail but it is such a sweet trail now.  It feels totally different than what it was like in 2011. A lot of swooping downhills, a great rock garden, and killer climbs.  The best part was I made all the climbs (unlike in 2011).  And we did it in both directions and then came down SuperTree because the singletrack connector trail was full of downed trees.  I got in a total of 17 miles and bailed on the last out and back on WhiteTail (?) because I was really done for the weekend.  I supplemented the ride with pizza.

Tough riding through this!

Food pick for the week: stuffed bell peppers! This was delicious. We blanched the peppers (straight from my parent's garden) and then cooked the beef and rice and tomato sauce.  We mixed up the filling and put in the bell peppers, added a little cheddar cheese and baked it for 20 minutes.  Delicious! 


Anonymous said...

Finally, food! That looks delish! Oh, and all the biking details were impressive too ;-)

bigpathan said...

Will definitely have to make the stuffed bell peppers for you guys, it's really good and filling.

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