Friday, September 13, 2013

Hill Repeats and a mtb ride

Well, this week has been a bit slow for me as far as working out.  I have not been going to bed in time and I have bailed twice on going to Forged Fitness in order to sleep a little longer in the morning! I think also my legs still feel a little tired, not to the point where I'm dragging but I can feel them just not being energetic even in the office.  I'm waffling over whether I just am more energetic if I exercise a little bit or if I just take a complete day of rest. So Monday was a rest day, Tuesday I did my presses and back squats and had an easy, easy mtn bike ride at Lake Crabtree. Wednesday I missed Forged Fitness in the morning but did my hill repeats at Umstead after work, here are the results compared to previous times:


hill repeats4/25/20135/29/20136/5/20136/19/20137/4/20139/11/2013
Lap 101:54.102:02.801:53.001:55.702:03.401:49.9
Lap 201:52.701:55.401:57.201:59.702:05.901:58.8
Lap 301:47.401:49.101:51.302:03.902:14.202:07.0
Lap 402:03.301:45.701:50.801:56.802:18.101:52.2

I did do hill repeats once in August but my Garmin was dead so I didn't record my times.  I'm starting to think the Garmin is cheating me though because last night, it was pretty dark by the time I did my last two laps (I did 6, only showing the first 4 above), I was actually running a longer distance to get 0.20 miles!  A little bit annoying and I think next time, I'll just bring a stopwatch and just run up to a marker so I can keep the distance consistent.  Judging by my numbers, I haven't improved at all but I think it's expected since I haven't been really working to improve my running.  I feel like I'm entering a love/hate relationship with running, I want to do better but I am not seeing any progress and then I want to quit.  I think after this marathon (which I am dreading), I'm going to make quit running regularly outside of Forged Fitness workouts.  I'll still keep one day of sprint workouts but that will be it.  Of course, who knows, maybe I'll find my motivation again during the winter when I can't bike as often.

As far as biking goes, I had a good time today (Thursday) at Rocky Road.  I had my best time for the first half of the trail and made it up the "difficult" hill that is about ~1 mile into the trail. I think conditions were just perfect today since it rained a bit and the trail was tacky.  And I made it up another "impossible" hill that I've only made once before.  I'm not sure if I figured it all out but I was in the right gear, had the right amount of balance and was able to lift the bike across the tree roots.  It was pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, it started thundering about 4 miles into the ride and we decided to bail.  Still, I'm glad I got out there, I had wanted to bail on the ride even before we started because I felt like my legs weren't strong today but I proved myself wrong in the first half of Rocky Road.  Now I know what I'm capable of and willing to push myself just as hard the next time I'm out there!

Hill repeats still feel awful despite the pretty scenery!


Anonymous said...

Quit running? Pigs flying? Hell freezing over? French fries a health food? :-O

bigpathan said...

Hey if I quit running I might have time to climb more!

Anonymous said...

French fries ARE a health food! :-D

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