Thursday, September 26, 2013

Destroying my legs on a regular basis now

It's Thursday and I finally have gotten time to write up what I've been up to this week and it's been alot of leg work:
Monday- I did hill repeats, this time mostly by myself at Umstead although there were two guys there doing short hill sprints at the same time.  My times haven't changed and I did 7 hill repeats of 0.20 miles.  It was hard but my legs felt okay even though I ran and biked the day before.

Tuesday- Forged Fitness time and I was all by myself! It was surprising since that hasn't happened in awhile:
15 Min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
5 power cleans 80 lbs (woohoo! finally something above 75 lbs)
6 ring dips (band assisted)
7 burpees
I got 9 rounds which was what I was targeting after the first 2 rounds seeing I could do about 3 rounds per 5 minutes.  And I managed to squeeze in 5 more power cleans for a total of 50 power cleans at 80 lbs! I am one step closer to Rx'ing these WODs.  And my legs felt all 80 of those power cleans several hours later on my mountain bike ride.

The Tuesday night girls ride at Lake Crabtree was the last of our season due to the earlier sunsets.  It was great, I led the beginner's group and they did awesome, I love it when someone actually listens to my advice on the trail, succeeds and then tells me it was so much better after following through with my advice!  It was extremely gratifying to see them progress.  I felt much better about it this year than I did last year when I felt like most beginners just disappeared after one or two rides.  I ended up riding my singlespeed and had forgotten to raise the seat up (I had let someone borrow it) and so instead of raising the seat, I just stoop up and pedaled almost 90% of the trail (~6 miles).  My legs hurt from the morning but since it was a beginner ride, I was able to keep up!

Wednesday- Forged Fitness alone again!  This was rough for me because I don't much like bent over rows (probably because I'm still weak in the upper back and arms):
Run 400M
10 bent over rows 57 lbs
10 split squats (each leg) 57 lbs
5 rounds
Time: 18:36!
It really wasn't that bad considering everything but it would have been more fun if someone else was working out withI me.
And despite feeling tired in the legs, I made it to the Beaverdam night ride on Wednesday.  My legs were not feeling energetic but it was still a really, really great ride!  I feel so much more confident riding at night now and to do it at Beaverdam was an accomplishment for me.  I was toast by the end of the ride and got maybe about 10 miles total (didn't Strava it).

Thursday- Forged Fitness again because I knew Jason was coaching and Karen was going to be around.  I only did split jerks with Karen and didn't do the mini-WOD.  I really worked hard on my split jerks though:
75-75-80-95-95-100 lbs, I attempted 105 lbs but dropped it.  I think I had it in me to do 105 lbs but I have a huge mental block and even the recording below of me at 100 lbs shows that I'm still pressing out the weight instead of committing to the jerk!  I have to learn to get down further and not press the weight out as I come up out of the split position.  I also dip way to much in the beginning of the jerk! Something to practice once I'm done with my 6th cycle of the Wendler strength program (4 more weeks!).


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