Friday, September 6, 2013

A short WOD and more push presses

I figured today's WOD was going to pretty hard but I eased up on the weights since I tend to tilt forwards on front squats and it wasn't so bad, but we will see what my legs tell me by evening time!
Run 200M
50 front squats 55 lbs
Run 400M
25 front squats 55 lbs
Time 8:58

I only did 55 lbs because I think my max front squat is ~110 lbs and for 75 reps, 50% of my 1 rep max would be doable and not leave me handicapped for the rest of the weekend.  I was able to do 32 reps without stopping then I put the bar down before doing another 9 reps, rest, and then the final 9 reps.  I had to convince BC to drop the weight (we all want to Rx the weights!) and he went for 115 lbs and that was still tough for him!  Still I prefer the WODs that use barbells, I feel like I'm getting a harder workout and not just light cardio. 

I rested for 3 minutes and then did:
20 push presses 55 lbs
Rest 1 minute and repeated 2 more rounds of push presses
The push presses were harder today- I could definitely feel the hurt from the front squats!  That was all for this morning, I'm aiming to get a good bike ride in today and possibly even a run.  So glad it's Friday!


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