Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday WOD and Run

Well, I was supposed to lift weights today but my legs felt a bit sore from all the squats so I decided to push it off till tomorrow. Instead I did the WOD today:
Run 800M
50 Good mornings 33 lbs
50 abmat situps
3 rounds
A long time: 26:20
It doesn't matter how hard I try,  I can only do situps at one rate and it's a slow rate :)

The leg soreness increased as the day went by and by the time work was over, my legs were officially sore.  I still met up with Lisa and Edward for our Wednesday run. This time, I decided we would just shoot for flat 1/4 mile intervals.  I thought there was a track at the Cary middle school in our neighborhood, unfortunately it was only half a track and the rest was just a grassy field, still, we made it work and did a 1/4 mile loop.  We did 6 intervals with a 2 minute rest in between, here are my numbers:

TimePace (min/mile)

Lisa was much faster and Edward was faster but he faded with each interval.  This is the first week where I have actually run twice already and plan to run another two times so I'm hoping with the increase in mileage and intensity, I can pick up my pace.  It's time to get serious since it's August and an early November marathon is not going to be pleasant if I don't start training right!


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