Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday Back Squats, Presses and Tabata

I bailed on working out yesterday. Inertia set in and I did nothing!  And I almost didn't make it in this morning to the gym but I managed to get there and did some good work:
Back Squats
80 lbs 5 reps
90 lbs 3 reps
100 lbs 6 reps
I think I had one more rep in me but I could feel my form starting to suck (and if you watch the video, you can see this).  Still I am at 100 lbs and it felt good and I felt confident.  Really slowly but surely I'm getting stronger.
Military presses:
55 lbs 5 reps
60 lbs 3 reps
70 lbs 3 reps
First time I think I've been able to do 3 reps at 70 lbs!
After the strength workout, I joined in the Tabata mini-WOD that everyone was doing (I skipped the deadlifts in lieu of back squats and presses):
Situps - I got 9 reps for all 8 rounds
Row for calories - I got 5 calories the first round and then downgraded to 4 calories, we've got some strong people here, I can't believe they got 8-9 calories in 20 seconds of rowing!

Here is the video of my back squats, I already asked Jason and he said my first rep was perfect and then my 3rd and last rep I wasn't getting my hips under fast enough, I'm not sure what that means but I'll be practicing again on Thursday:


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