Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Food, More Walking

DI ended up not doing much "exercise" since my 3/4 WOD on Sunday. The only form of exercise I did manage was to go walking and I have discovered that I don't walk enough because my lower legs/ankles actually got sore from all the walking I've been doing!  I walked about 4 miles on Sunday, 3 miles Monday and 9 miles on Tuesday.  I loved all the walking around downtown Boston but my legs hurt now.  Who knew walking was so tough?  I hope I have the motivation and energy to get to the gym tomorrow and do a run, cross your fingers.
As for eating, it's been fun.  I went to the Legal Test Kitchen (LTK) and had lettuce beef wraps and Chettinand spiced scallops with arugula and grilled watermelon!  I really enjoyed eating the grilled watermelon and it was a good combination of flavors. Today was just a cheeseburger with sweet potato fries and then I walked all the way from the financial district to Newbury st to get some JP Licks ice cream, however, there was no more JP Licks! It must have moved and so I settled for Emack and Bolio's Cosmic Crunch (vanilla ice cream with toffee, nuts, and chocolate chips). Pretty good ice cream and I walked 2 miles after I finished it.  I also went to my favorite Italian restaurant - The Daily Catch, a hole in the wall with seating for 12 people, no AC, but perfect food.  I had the seared tuna (sorry no pictures) with a salad.  It was a big piece of tuna.  It's been a feast eating in Boston but I'm ready to go back home and eat my own food. I miss chai. 

Legal Test Kitchen: hot rolls with a white bean dip

Grilled scallops, grilled watermelon, arugula
Beef lettuce wraps
A ginormous whoopie pie $1.95


Anonymous said...

All the food looks yummy! Need to try grilling watermelon. I think the whoopsie pie is going to make an appearance in my dreams the walking, yup, it actually is exercise. I was glad I had to walk to and from school everyday; didn't have much time for other exercise. See you at home soon!

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